Herping Invest invests in start-ups that

  • Change people’s life for the better
  • Have minimum two founders
  • Are based in Denmark
  • Have a proven MVP
  • Have the first paying customers
  • Have the right employees
  • Have a clear growth strategy
  • Have international ambitions


Herping Invest is an approved business angel in the Growth Fund's (Vækstfonden) business angel matching loan program.
With a Business angel matching loan, business angels approved for the scheme can match their investments in early entrepreneurs with a loan to the company in a ratio of 1:1. That is, when a business angel invests in your business you can simultaneously get a loan of the same size from the Growth Fund.

Louise Herping Ellegaard

Herping Invest is led by Louise Herping Ellegaard.

  • 2020: Angel investor in MyMonii ApS
  • 2019: Angel investor in Memorix IVS 
  • 2019: Angel investor in Tiimo A/S
  • 2019: DanBan Member
  • 2018: Angel investor and chairman of Knowldge (Maneno) ApS
  • 2018: Angel investor and board member of CanopyLAB A / S
  • 2018: BSc (HD), International Business, CBS
  • 2018: Co-founder and CEO of Myinnerme ApS
  • 2015-18: Co-founder and CEO Bonnier Education AB
  • 2014-16: Angel Investor and board member of Tablebox ApS
  • 2007: Cand.mag. in History, Media & Culture, KU
  • 2006-18: Co-founder of Clio Online ApS
  • 1980: Born