Built on science

Tiimo is an assistive app and web-platform designed to improve routines and increase focus and independence. Tiimo has shown enormous potential to improve the quality of life of people with ADHD and autism.

Tiimo's mission is to make life easier for people who need structure and visual support in their daily lives. They want to create positive change and social inclusion through the use of meaningful assistive technology. That is why Tiimo is designed to be a digital friend who is smart, reliable, discreet and available on all devices, so you can bring it anywhere.

  • 83% of parents using Tiimo answered “yes” when asked if Tiimo had given their child more independence in completing daily tasks.
  • 57% of Tiimo users answered “yes” to saving 30-60 minutes on planning per day.
  • 46% of parents using Tiimo observed a reduced need for extra support from adults in school amongst their children.

Founded in 2015 by Helene Lassen Nørlem and Melissa Würtz Azari. Herping Invest did its initial investment in 2019.


Helene Lassen Nørlem Co-founder & CEO
Melissa Würtz Azari Co-founder & Designer