Digitized Family Therapy

Myinnerme is a healthcare app designed to help families with children who have emotional challenges. By combining child psychology and elearning, Myinnerme creates a new kind of support for families and helps them control their inner thoughts.

The app contains courses based on psychological theories, current psychological research results and several years of clinical experience from working with children and adolescents. The exercises in the app are grounded in a psychological approach called child-focused cognitive behavioral therapy. It is an inspiring and practical method of tackling and overcoming the child's challenges. The method is popular and is used in the treatment of many different mental problems in children and adolescents.

It is known today that mental problems can be prevented by early guidance. Therefore, Myinnerme can be preventive as it guides children and adolescents to relate to their inner world.

Founded in 2018 by Marie ulstrup, Kasper Løndal and Louise Herping Ellegaard. Herping Invest did its initial investment in 2018.


Louise Herping Ellegaard CEO & Co-Founder
Marie Ulstrup Chief Psychologist & Co-Founder
Kasper Løndal CMO & Co-Founder