Start learning in 3D worlds with powerful memory techniques

Memorix is developing a creative platform where students build, learn and share. Teachers and learners of all ages co-create together in a playful way.

The founders of Memorix are two experienced digital product developers each with more than 10 years of experience from LEGO. They are passionate about Creativity, Play and Learning. Memorix helps students remember the syllabus using playful learning techniques in a 3D world where you can:

  • Create your own memory journeys and add images/text into your journeys
  • Strengthen your memory by going through your own or others memory journeys
  • Explore memory journeys from others and share your own with the community

Founded in 2018 by Hermann Kudlich and Carsten Brinch Larsen. Herping Invest did its initial investment in 2019.


Hermann Kudlich Co-Founder, CEO and product visionary
Carsten Brinch Larsen Co-Founder, CTO and business developer